Wychavon District Council History

Wychavon District Council came into being as a shadow authority in 1973 and took over responsibility for the district in 1974.

It was formed following the coming together of five Councils:

• Evesham Borough Council
• Evesham Rural District Council
• Droitwich Borough Council
• Droitwich Rural District Council
• Pershore Rural District Council.

Originally, the council’s offices were scattered around the three towns of Evesham, Droitwich and Pershore. In 1991 the Civic Centre, which now houses all departments, was built in Pershore.

The council maintains its presence in the towns of Evesham and Droitwich with Community Contact Centres

The coat of arms was granted to Wychavon District Council in compliance with a warrant from the Earl Marshall and Hereditary Marshal of England, the Duke of Norfolk. The design, which was approved by the three Kings of Arms who made the grant, is symbolic of the district.

The green shield refers to the rich agricultural land which characterises the area. The silver drops represent the rain which, when it waters the land, turns the crops to gold – hence golden drops. The wavy band across the shield symbolises the Avon, which flows across the district and forms the second element in its name. The Saxon Crown is for the Hwicca, the Saxon tribe which gave the district the first element in its name. The croziers represent the two great Abbeys, Evesham and Pershore, which once dominated the area.

The district was composed of three rural districts and two boroughs (Evesham and Droitwich) which have ancient royal connections. In the crest the wheat symbolises the old Rural District Councils and the ostrich feathers (royal ensigns) the boroughs.


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