Is that a tractor coming down the aisle?

You don’t expect to see a classic Ferguson tractor drive up the aisle when you go to church but that’s what happened when I attended the Worcestershire County Harvest Festival held in Worcester Cathedral to celebrate the harvesting of crops and fruit.

It's not often you see a tractor travelling down the aisle of a church

It’s not often you see a tractor travelling down the aisle of a church

Goods ranging from seed, veg, fruit and a beautifully crafted harvest loaf had been donated by mostly young farmers.

I recently attended the Pershore Mayor’s charity race night. I didn’t quite lose the shirt off my back but I didn’t win anything. However almost £1,000 was raised for the Scouts and Air Ambulance charities.

On the 16 October I was invited to the second Annual Judy Dale lecture held at the University of Worcester Centre for Palliative Care, however the speaker got stuck in a rail hold up in Oxford and so we had an alternative lecture on Palliative care for the Frail and Elderly which is of course very much under discussion currently and proved to be very enlightening.


I have resolved to get an Enduring Power of Attorney to give some control over future happenings. I also met the great, great niece of Edith Cavell and a descendent of Thomas Standfield one of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, deported to Australia in 1834 although later pardoned.  Amazing who you can meet at these events.

Later that evening I attended the official opening of the Pershore Riverside Centre’s extension and water facilities where we were told that a a grant had been received of £100,000 which was to be matched by the Avon Navigation Trust to construct the white water canoe chute on the river.

Staying with a water theme and my recent charity boat trip on the Spirit of Freedom from Evesham involved us leaving the mayor of Stourport on the bank. We did retrieve him later.

Allowing me to steer gave everyone a fright!

Allowing me to steer gave everyone a fright!

It was a good afternoon until I frightened everyone by being allowed to steer. The  fish and chips were good not to mention the musical entertainment provided by Colin Griffiths.

Oct 012

Oct 010


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