Wet plums and a gesture of thanks to the Merchant Navy

This year’s Plum Festival was one of the wettest ever, but I was comforted by a comment made by a lady from California that residents there would be more than happy to currently have such an amount of water owing to a four year drought and forest fires.

An amazing number of people turned up from all parts of the country to witness a bumper crop of plums and all the entertainment that goes with Plum Festival weekend from choirs, Plum pooch show, Plum Plodders charity run, fireworks, and stalls.

Me on a very wet Pershore  Plum Day

Me on a very wet Pershore Plum Day

Teddies, as always, were being parachuted off the Abbey Tower (one called Morgan got stuck on a shelf in the Abbey and had to be left overnight but happy to report was reunited with his owner the following day). In spite of the rain the Plum Princess and attendants were here, there and everywhere with smiles and enthusiasm refusing to let the rain damp their spirits.

Personally I am surprised my chain didn’t turn rusty!

The third of September was the first commemoration of Red Ensign day in Wychavon when we had an opportunity to thank the merchant seaman who risked, and in many cases lost, their lives to keep this country supplied during the last war.  Even today more than 90% of our imports are carried by ship including food and fuel without which our power stations would soon be turned off.

3rd September 1939 was the first day of the Second World War when the SS Athenia was the first merchant ship to be torpedoed and sank with the loss of 128 passengers and crew. The merchant navy were also involved in the recovery of the Falklands in 1982 and I don’t think the British public are always aware of the debt we owe them.


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