An offer to join the Roman army and my first go at cow pat bingo

Droitwich Salt Fest was bustling with mascots including a very cuddly but large police dog.

I had a fascinating canal trip where I was shown the site of the old lime and salt pits in the canal basin which have now been capped, although I understand that salt is beginning to leach into the canal. Did you know that the phrase 19 to the dozen originally came from when a beam engine pumped 19,000 galls of water from a mine using a dozen bushels of coal.

Sept misc 017

Was allowed to investigate a Roman legionnaire’s armour and tried holding his shield but as both were rather heavy decided not to join this merry band. A family of voles provided a photo opportunity on the banks of the adjacent River Salwarpe apparently oblivious to the merry making in the park.

Sept misc 006

Had a great time at the Pebworth Party in the Park where participating in cow pat bingo was a first for me and done with the aid of a very accommodating cow. All the fun of a village fete was here plus some extras including a race round the village and having a photo with Marilyn Monroe, who was sporting stubble whilst collecting for charity.


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